Is Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting?

Ella stands out as a must-visit travel destination in Sri Lanka, offering a unique advantage of diverse activities conveniently in one location. Unlike having to travel extensive distances for separate experiences, Ella is a central …

Is Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting?

Ella stands out as a must-visit travel destination in Sri Lanka, offering a unique advantage of diverse activities conveniently in one location. Unlike having to travel extensive distances for separate experiences, Ella is a central hub where you can engage in various activities and visit beautiful locations all within a few minutes of travel.

If you are looking for places to travel in the mountains of Sri Lanka you will definitely start seeing Ella popup almost everywhere. Whether it’s on Instagram or on Youtube. Every traveler who comes to Sri Lanka visits the town of Ella at least for a day.

Seeing all these instagramy photos captured in Ella, you might be wondering if it’s really worth the visit. Ella in Sri Lanka may not be for everyone but Ella is for sure worth visiting. In this article we will dive into more details on why Ella Sri Lanka is worth visiting and for whom Ella might sound too cliché.

Things that make Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting

Ella is packed with a ton of things to do for everyone, you may be a party animal, an adventure seeker or nature lover, Ella’s got you covered. With Ella getting popular day-by-day, numerous activities came into existence giving the natural beauty of Ella a cherry on the top. Let’s see the things that Ella has to offer.

Hiking in Ella

There are two main hiking trails in Ella, Mini Adams Peak and Ella rock. Both of these hiking trails start just a few minutes away from the Ella city center. Ella rock hike is somewhat of a medium difficulty hike but the view is amazing. If you start early you can finish the hike by noon and have an amazing lunch from a cafe in Ella.

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Mini adams peak hike on the other hand is an easy hike. The view here is also amazing, especially during sunset. There’s a lot of adventure sport activities centered around mini adams peak which makes it an exciting destination to visit.

Party and NightLife in Ella

Even though Ella is a place filled with nature, Ella is a very popular place for partying in Sri Lanka. There are hundreds of cafes in Ella that throw parties every night and with the rise of party hostels in Ella you have a mix of both worlds here.

Adventure Sports in Ella

If you are an adrenaline junkie Ella is by far one of the most exciting places to be in Sri Lanka. With activities like zip lining, rock climbing, cave exploring, etc all centered around this small town. Ella is for sure worth visiting if you are seeking adventure.

Caves and Waterfalls in Ella

If you are a nature lover you will love Ella. There is a mystical waterfall named Ravana Falls in Ella which is just 5 minutes away from the city of Ella. Ella has a huge cave system which locals say leads to all corners of the island, the most popular cave in this system is the Nil Diya Pokuna which is a cave with an amazing underground pond.

Luxury in Ella

With Ella gaining popularity luxury resorts are a common scene. All of the high quality luxury resorts offer amazing experiences to their guests. The most popular resort in Ella is the 98 acres resort and spa which has its own stunning pool club facing the Ella rock’s amazing view. If you are a person looking for a luxury escape in the mountains, Ella is the place for you.

Food and Cafes

Ella has the most diverse collection of restaurants in Sri Lanka. If you are a vegan, looking for healthy food or planning to feast, Ella has a restaurant for you. Ella is also popular for cooking classes where you can learn to make authentic Sri Lankan food.

Relax and Unwind

If you want to cleanse yourself with some Yoga and meditation you can find a lot of retreats around Ella. Since Ella is surrounded by nature it is one of the most ideal places to do some yoga in Sri Lanka.

Getting to Ella and Ella’s Geographic Location

Even if you don’t want to stay a night in Ella, you should always try the world famous train ride to Ella from Nuwara Eliya or Kandy. This train ride is known as one of the most scenic train rides in south asia.

Ella’s geographic location also makes it worth visiting. Since Ella is in between the south coast and the hill country it’s a perfect stop while you are on the way to the beach.


If you are visiting Sri Lanka, Ella should be a place that is on the top of your bucket list. Ella might not be the ideal place for a person who is looking to avoid touristy places but it’s worth a try. To sum it up, Ella in Sri Lanka is a fantastic place to visit, offering something to everyone. Whether you’re into hiking, partying, adventure sports, or just want to relax, Ella’s got you covered.

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